How To Drape Fabric From Ceiling


How To Drape Fabric From Ceiling

how to drape fabric from ceiling


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how to drape fabric from ceiling – Ecru Cream

Ecru Cream Sheer 100% Cotton Gauze Tab Curtain, 44 Inches X 104 Inches
Ecru Cream Sheer 100% Cotton Gauze Tab Curtain, 44 Inches X 104 Inches
Our gauze curtains are delicate, sheer, and drape beautifully. They provide privacy and let light in at the same time. You can hang them as regular curtains over windows or use them to make bed or ceiling canopies. For window coverings with an attractive draped effect, you will need two inches of gauze curtain width for every inch of window width. For a typical bed canopy, use 8 gauze curtains, either all the same color or a combination of similar tones to provide a soft variegated look. You can also just wind one or two gauze curtain sheers loosely around a curtain rod, letting them drape along the bar and at the ends, to add color and interest to your room, without covering the window or blocking any light. Gauze curtains provide exactly the right airy feeling required for decorating in hot climates or summer retreats.


OurDailyChallenge – Ceiling

There is nothing but paint on our ceilings and they are all white. Presents a bit of an challenge to do something with this subject. Best I could do ws to get a shot of where the wall meets the ceiling at the point where the ceiling drops down to meet the knee wall on the second floor. Actually turned out better than I had hoped as it turned into an optical allusion. It could also be the corner of a cube, but is the dark portion the top or bottom or neither?

A glimpse inside my boudoir

A glimpse inside my boudoir
You can see my brand new "wallpaper", which is really just drapes hanging from the ceiling. Or where the wall meets ceiling, rather. I spent much of yesterday morning screwing, as you might imagine. Mounting hardware, I mean.

This is only 1/2 of the room; there’s not much else really worth showing in the rest. See notes for further commentary.

how to drape fabric from ceiling

how to drape fabric from ceiling

Square Perfect 10 X 20 Ft White Muslin Photo Backdrop
Said most simply, we supply the highest quality portrait backgrounds that you can buy. 100% cotton muslin is the material of choice for photographic backdrops because of its beautiful draping characteristics and texture. It?s perfect for the total spectrum of photographic applications: seniors or graduation shots, bridal photography, portraiture, and fashion or commercial work. Square Perfect?s muslins are soft enough to drape immediately or can be quickly and easily ironed to produce a texture more akin to canvas or paper. They can be hung on a stand or ceiling mounted, or used with any clamps or clips that you may currently be working with. They are machine washable (please allow for 5-8% manufacturing shrinkage) and will therefore have a longer life. All our muslins come with a 4? rod pocket at one end – set-up is easy when you know which end it up!